portrait of Naseeb Bhangal

Naseeb Bhangal


Naseeb Kaur Bhangal, M.Ed. (she, her, hers) is currently a second-year doctoral student in the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education Ph.D. program at Michigan State University (MSU), where she is a recipient of the prestigious University Enrichment Fellowship. Naseeb’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is presently reflected in her collaborative research projects, explicitly tracing political coalitions among Womxn of Color and addressing anti-Blackness among non-Black people of color (NBPOC) in higher education. Before MSU, Naseeb, originally a West Coast native, lived in Chicago for five years and worked as a Student Affairs professional responsible for DEI and race-based initiatives for students and colleagues at Loyola University Chicago and, later, Northeastern Illinois University. Naseeb has employed storytelling and visual narrative methods in her teaching with undergraduate and graduate students, her college-access collaborations with Chicago Public Schools and non-profits, and in her retreat-work for self-identifying Womxn of Color students. Naseeb is a proud child of immigrants and equally proud Queer Desi Womxn of Color. Naseeb looks forward to detailing her experiences with running Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness (R.A.W.), an anti-racist, anti-supremacist white affinity program for students, and hopes to guide the audience with envisioning and developing a white affinity program at their respective institutions.