Portrait of Rita Kumar

Rita Kumar

Former Founding Executive Director of Faculty Enrichment Center, University of Cincinnati (UC)

In her current role, Rita provides the conceptual and organizational leadership for the Faculty Enrichment Center. She develops and oversees the Center’s core programming. She is the 2013-14 recipient of the UCBA Innovative Teaching Award for her inventive use of Problem-based learning (PBL) in the classroom. She is the co-editor of the recently published book, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Strategies for Teaching.

Rita is a member of the UC Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning. Her research focuses on PBL, faculty development, inclusive classroom practices, and improving students’ information literacy skills. She has shared her research globally in over 90 professional presentations. Her work has been published in journals such as Teaching English in the Two-Year College, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, College Teaching, and The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem Based Learning. Additionally, she serves as a reviewer for four journals. She serves on the Executive Board of the American Council on Education Women’s Network-Ohio (ACE WNO) and is the co-recipient of the 2019 UC-Dr. Marian Spencer Equity Ambassador Award for organizations.