Picture of Sherry Jones

Sherry Jones

In addition to her teaching duties, Sherry Jones is the creator of the experimental MOOC Rhetoric and Composition: The Persuasive Power of Video Games as Paratexts (2013), a judge for SIIA 2015 CODiE Awards “Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution” category, and the co-author of “Composition on a New Scale: Play UX Design Thinking in Online Writing Instruction (OWI) (2014).” She currently serves as the game design and psychology subject matter expert for Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, and the game studies facilitator for the #Metagame Book Club.

Sherry has been named the 2015 Educator of the Year by the eLCC and has been featured in Psychology of Games, Good Games Writing, Educator Innovator, GameVortex, eCampus News, eLearning Industry, Electric Literature, and Edwin McRae.

In the business world, Sherry serves as the game architecture designer and narrative designer of the Perspective Game, a massively multiplayer online role playing card game (MMORPCG) and an epistemic game designed to promote civic engagement with real world issues. Sherry can be reached on twitter @autnes or via her about.me page.