Portrait of Dr. Sumanth G. Reddy

Dr. Sumanth G. Reddy

Asst. Prof. & Coordinator of Geography

Dr. Sumanth G. Reddy received his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, an M.S. from the University of North Texas, and a Ph.D. from Kansas State University, all in Geography. His research interests are in medical, cultural, population, and tourism geography, with regional application in Africa and Asia. Dr. Reddy has traveled globally for research, conferences, and leisure to over 45 countries. He is passionate about study abroad and providing students with the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom. As an undergraduate, he studied abroad in a semester-long program in Scotland, and he again studied abroad in Ghana as a graduate student. In 2016, he took 10 students to China on a 2-week Study Abroad trip, and in 2017, he took 10 students to Ghana and London on a 3-week Study Abroad trip (Travel Blog). For summer 2022, Dr. Reddy was awarded a $14,000 grant from the American Association of Geographers to conduct a camping and hiking trip with his students to explore several national parks in the Southwest. He was also the recipient of the University Presidential Teaching Award for 2021-2022. Besides the classroom, he enjoys hiking, cycling, gardening, cooking, and meeting people. He is a native of Bangalore, India.