Picture of Wendy Dittmann, Ed.D.

Wendy Dittmann, Ed.D.

Wendy is responsible, with the advisement of the major program committee, for the curriculum of the management program at UW-Stout, and is charged with aiding students in meeting all requirements of the program. She is also a lecturer in the operations and management department on topics including online and interactive television delivery of courses. Wendy is president of Stout Community Adult Career and Technical Educators and serves on the the UW-Stout Senate of the Academic Staff, College of Management Council, and Faculty Senate Finance Committee.  Wendy also assists with strategic planning for customized instruction programs and prior learning assessments and has been a trainer for prior learning assessment at UW Extension and UW Colleges. She has published on adult women learners and technical college graduates earning four-year degrees. She has also spoken at regional, national, and international conferences on such topics as online advisement, distance education student satisfaction, and adult student retention.