Now Is the Time to Invest in Professional Development

Now Is the Time to Invest in Professional Development

The times are changing, and nowhere else is that more evident than in higher education. In this era of adjustment, where old norms are being tested and emerging ideas and technologies are bubbling to the surface, teams must continue to develop their talents in order to face the challenges ahead.

That’s where we can help.

A membership with Academic Impressions offers your department or institution a comprehensive online professional development subscription specifically tailored to the needs of higher education professionals. With over 20 years of experience in the higher education industry, we have designed trainings to meet the needs of faculty and staff from across the academy, whether they want to improve their job performance or develop their leadership skills.

Learn what comes with an Academic Impressions membership and how your commitment to professional development can improve employee morale.

Improve Employee Job Satisfaction and Retention with Professional Development

Professional development isn’t just a way to improve your staff’s effectiveness. You can enhance job satisfaction and employee retention by showing your commitment to your team’s development. Results from our most recent professional development survey found:

80% of respondents considered professional development “extremely” or “very” important to their overall work experience.

Leadership support for professional development predicted lower rates of burnout and higher job satisfaction.

The top 3 reasons our respondents pursue professional development are job effectiveness, learning something new, and career advancement.

Having a “culture of learning and growth” was strongly correlated to employee job satisfaction and retention.

Ensure Equitable Growth. Faculty and staff cite the belief that they would be denied the opportunity as one of the top barriers to professional development participation.

38% indicated that having more access to professional development would make them “extremely” or “very” likely to remain at their institution while another 27% where “moderately” inclined to stay.

Want to dig into the details further? Watch this free webcast, where Academic Impressions President Amit Mrig and Chief Strategy Officer Beth Rotach discuss the findings of this survey.

Grow the Leadership Capacity of Your Faculty and Staff

Leadership matters, now more than ever. Luckily, leadership skills can be cultivated through practice, reflection, and feedback - these pillars are embedded in every Academic Impressions leadership training. Amongst other areas, we offer training in:

We know that leadership at the academic departmental and unit levels is critical. That's why we offer trainings to specifically designed to support the important work done by deans and chairs.

Support Your Initiatives with Department-Wide Training

Create alignment around your most important initiatives. An Academic Impressions membership allows your entire time on the topics that matter most to your work.

Our members have used our higher-ed specific content to meaningfully advance initiatives by:

  • Creating equitable growth opportunities and becoming a workplace of choice: Supervision in Higher Education Certificate, Managing Conflict, Leading in Higher Ed
  • Supporting faculty and academic leaders with resources designed to speak very specifically to faculty productivity and what it means to be a leader in the academy: influencing without authority, conflict management, building trust, emotional intelligence in the academy, and inclusive mentoring.
  • Providing access to diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for faculty, staff, & leaders at all levels: DEI Foundations, inclusive leadership, and inclusive classroom best practices.
  • Providing targeted support for historically marginalized faculty, staff, & leaders: women’s leadership, identity-based leadership topics and resources.
  • Bolstering student retention efforts by aligning departments campus-wide in shared understanding, language, & standards around student experience, belonging, and service excellence.
  • Onboarding and supporting advancement professionals: Advancement 101 and Fundraising Essentials.
  • Ensuring that their staff are prepared for changes to regulations like Title IX.
  • And much more!

Do you want to see what’s available to members? Browse our Content Summary Directory.

Curious about our upcoming trainings? Check out our New Trainings and Resources for 2023.

Integrate and Enhance Your Existing Programs with an Academic Impressions Membership

Plug Academic Impressions resources directly into existing training programs or leadership academies for faculty, staff, and administrators.

As members, you will gain a guide for integrating our resources with yours. Member institutions are assigned an account manager who not only supports the implementation and rollout of membership resources, but who can also assist in integrating our resources in ways that support your existing programs.

Academic Impressions also offers several foundational trainings and resources that can fit into your onboarding. Titles include:

Our Supervision Certificate Program supplements your new supervision/management training.

We Recognize that Every Institution Has Its Own Unique Challenges

Higher education may appear to some to be a monolith, but your institution is as influenced by state/regional politics and needs as it is by anything happening on the national level. Let us know what you need from us. We can tailor our proposal to your unique situation.

What’s Included with an Academic Impressions Membership?

Whether you're looking to provide training opportunities to your team or the entire campus, an Academic Impressions membership offers live and on-demand trainings across various formats on the topics that matter most.

You can count on an Academic Impressions membership for year-long access to:

Access to a continuously expanding library of live online trainings, designed to be practical, discussion-based, and highly experiential

Unlimited anytime, anywhere access to on-demand trainings and resources that you can engage with on your own time from the convenience of your workspace

New trainings every week, designed to respond to the latest needs of the higher ed community

$250 discount on multi-week cohort-based bootcamps and in-person conferences

Membership Places You in Good Company

Hundreds of institutions from across North America have already joined our professional development subscription.

Peruse our list of member institutions.

Who Is Academic Impressions?

Academic Impressions has been invested in online professional development for 20+ years:

We’ve designed and developed more than 1,500 online trainings and resources

More than 96% of our customers recommend our in-person conferences

We work with a network of over 500 subject matter experts who have proven track records

9 out of 10 customers recommend our online learning

Our team conducts 1,000s of hours of research each year to create the most relevant learning opportunities

Over 1,000 hours of on-demand learning available

Hear from some of our expert instructors to learn why they choose to work with Academic Impressions:

Resource Roundup

Access our Online Membership Quick Facts.

Access our Content Summary Directory.

Access our New Trainings and Resources for 2023.

Watch our free webcast discussing the results of our professional development survey.

Do you have further questions about an Academic Impressions membership? Please reach out to us by calling 720.488.6800, chatting with us via our website, or filling out the form below.



Meghan Paladino
Director of Institutional Partnerships,
Academic Impressions