Report: Optimizing Your Campus and Curriculum for Adult Students

African American student doing homework at the library

In this report:

  • The Changing Student Demographic: What You Need to Rethink
  • Offering a More Flexible Curriculum
  • Recruiting and Admitting Adult Students
  • Boosting Adult Persistence
  • Building Affinity and Planting the Seeds for Giving

Most college and university administrators know the story of how demographics are shifting in this country. They don’t need the latest data from NCES — they see it every day on their campuses. Nontraditional students now make up a significant majority of college enrollment.

But many institutions, especially regionally-focused public and private four-years, did not make the decision to intentionally serve this market. They are reacting to the demand as opposed to being out in front of it.

Adult students have different experiences, expectations, and educational goals than traditional-age students. Institutions that successfully serve this market have retooled enrollment policies, course offerings, and student support services, and have even begun thinking of ways to earn their support as alumni.

That’s why we’ve gathered a host of experts from across the institution to help you better meet the demands of this growing population. We hope their advice will be useful to you.