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Second: Start Learning!

Use these downloadable guides on accessing your membership:

Third: Promote Your Membership

Use this editable press release to spread the word and let your team know that your institution has an Academic Impressions online membership.

Ideas to Involve Your Team


Schedule A Viewing Party!

Register for an upcoming online training or recording and watch as a team! Allow time for discussion and Q&A after. Popcorn and candy are encouraged!

Schedule an Online Open House

As you announce the membership, schedule a few online "open houses" with us. We will meet in an online meeting room to help users create accounts, give guided tours of the membership, and answer any questions.

Make it a Contest!

When announcing the membership to your team, start with a contest. The first 25 people to create an account get fun swag, the first 25 to participate in a training get an additional prize. We're happy to help provide fun SWAG as prizes!

List of Trainings by Learning Track

Request a Personalized Walk Through

Have someone from Academic Impressions spend 10-20 minutes walking your team through the membership on a video call.

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