Membership Enterprise Packages

Membership Enterprise Packages


Get access to higher ed specific online training at your fingertips.

Gain access to a library of resources, including all of these critical topics, to help you navigate the unprecedented challenges of our new reality.

Online membership includes training across ALL the above topics. This online library is available 365/24/7 and serves as a critical professional and leadership development resource for both faculty and staff.


Access our online training library for your entire institution!

An annual subscription to our online library serves learners of all types with:

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of online trainings, resources, articles, and more across a wide range of higher education-specific topics
  • Virtual trainings providing in-depth instruction and valuable networking opportunities
  • In-depth webcasts featuring best practices and supplemental resources
  • Engaging and instructional videos
  • Research-based reports exploring critical issues facing the industry
  • Articles and whitepapers with tips, how-to's, and case studies
  • Tools, templates, and other resources that can help you do your job better immediately
  • $250 off all online bootcamps, membership-capped virtual trainings, and in-person conferences


One-Time Implementation & Activation

Despite best intentions, professional development is often deprioritized on people’s to-do lists. That's why simply providing access to these resources is only the first step. Enterprise licenses receive additional support for on-campus roll-out and adoption. We work directly with each major division and college/school to provide a personalized roll-out and ensure they get connected to the most relevant resources.

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