Navigating Parenthood While Thriving as an Academic 


Navigating Parenthood While Thriving as an Academic

Live Webcast:
October 26th, 2023 | 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET

Identify strategies to integrate your roles as parents and academics.

For too many academics, whether and when to start a family, and how to balance parenthood as a full-time academic, remain challenging questions often rooted in either/or thinking: that you can thrive as a parent or as a scholar, but not as both.

While there is some truth to the belief that parenthood can add a challenging twist to one’s academic career, it is possible to design a successful career as an academic and parent where you thrive rather than merely survive, both personally and professionally.

In this free webcast, join Dr. Nicole Pulliam, Professor and Academic Impressions Faculty Coach, as she discusses the common misconceptions about parenting that can limit your faculty life and professional aspirations. Drawing on her own experience as a mother of two, a tenured professor, a former department chair, and her work coaching faculty, Dr. Pulliam will speak to the common challenges she sees parents struggle with and share strategies for integrating your needs and desires as a parent with your professional aspirations and goals.


Who Should Attend

This webcast is designed for all faculty and academic leaders who are seeking more balance as parents and academics. This includes early- and mid-career faculty who are considering parenting or who already have young children.


Follow Through With Faculty Coaching

Want to move beyond your own misconceptions about parenting in academia and learn how to create practices that allow you to thrive as parents and scholars? Or maybe you are navigating another hurdle in your career.

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This program is suitable for and customizable to all experience levels—whether you are tenure track, mid-career, or senior faculty.

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Nicole Pulliam

Dr. Nicole Pulliam

Associate Professor & Director of the Social Justice Academy, Monmouth University
Nicole Pulliam, Ph.D. is a certified professional coach, with a specialization in executive and career coaching rooted in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) principles. Nicole has an expansive background in higher education for over 20 years in academic leadership (student affairs & academic affairs) and as a tenured faculty member. Nicole draws upon her counseling, multicultural competence, and social justice training background to honor clients’ unique needs and lived experiences at the intersections of their multiple identities. As a Black Indigenous Person of Color (BIPOC) woman and first-generation college graduate, Nicole is most passionate about supporting clients from similar backgrounds, who often feel like impostors in the academy. As a mother of two, Nicole is committed to helping faculty and academic leaders successfully navigate the complexities of parenting while maintaining productivity and preserving their overall wellness. Read full bio.

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Corinne Nicolas
Assistant Director of Coaching, Academic Impressions