New Online Membership

Invite Your Colleagues to Your Membership

To invite your colleagues to your membership, just copy and paste the text below into an email.


Dear Colleagues,

Great news! Our institution has an online membership with Academic Impressions, offering access to a variety of professional development tools for higher education faculty and administrators.

Because we are members, you and ANY other colleagues may use these tools at ANY time. These tools include:

• Registering for qualifying upcoming live online trainings at no additional cost

• Accessing hours of training in our extensive training library at no additional cost

• Receiving discounts on qualifying conferences

• Reading hundreds of relevant articles

To explore all the benefits of our membership and get access to hundreds of professional development tools, create your free account and get instant access.

If you have any specific questions about how to use our membership, please email Academic Impressions or call them at 720-988-1256.

Happy training!