Optimizing the Hiring Process: Inclusive Strategies for Success

Optimizing the Hiring Process: Inclusive Strategies for Success

Ensure your hiring process is equitable and efficient - from recruitment to campus visits.

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This video course is designed to empower higher education leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement equitable hiring practices through effective collaboration with campus partners. Additionally, you will gain practical skills to ensure consistency and fairness throughout the entire hiring process. By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify key campus partners.
  • Design equitable recruitment strategies.
  • Craft inclusive job ads and descriptions.
  • Develop unbiased interview rubrics.
  • Organize welcoming and equitable campus visits.

If you’re looking to partner more effectively with others engaged in the search process, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to maximize the engagement of your partners during all stages of the hiring process. You’ll also learn ways to streamline workflows, prevent redundancy across different groups of people, and represent/encourage different perspectives throughout the process. This course will help you to foster a more diverse and inclusive academic community, enhancing overall institutional success and representation.


How It Works

Over two weeks—every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—you will receive emails with bite-sized videos that you can complete in 20 minutes or less each day.


Who Should Attend

Anyone tasked with managing faculty and/or staff hiring, from recruitment to campus visits, will benefit from this course.


Course Highlights

  • 50+ min of video instruction
  • 8 short videos
  • 1 fillable workbook
  • Valued at $395. Free for members

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Before You Start


Make sure you’re logged in with your membership credentials.


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Day 1: Identify key campus partners 

10+ minutes




Lesson 1: Identify Key Campus Partners



Complete Pages 1-4 in the workbook

Day 2: Job Ads vs Job Descriptions

7+ minutes


Lesson 2: Job Ads vs. Job Descriptions



Complete pages 5-6 in the workbook

Day 3: Search Process: General Considerations

7+ minutes


Lesson 3: Search Process: General Considerations



Review and complete pages 7 in the workbook and the Sample Hiring Rubric

Day 4: Faculty & Staff Search Process

15+ minutes


Lesson 4A: Faculty Searches


Lesson 4B: Staff Searches



Complete pages 8 in the workbook

Day 5: Candidate Experience

5+ minutes


Lesson 5: Candidate Experience



Complete pages 9-10 in the workbook

Day 6: Candidate Experience

7+ minutes


Lesson 6: Final Evaluation and Offer



Complete pages 11-12 in the workbook

Day 7: Additional Resources

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Supplement your learning through these additional member-exclusive resources:

Inclusive Hiring Best Practices: Removing Barriers and Mitigating Search Committee Bias



See page 12 in the workbook

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