Podcast: What Effective First-Year Student Experience Programs are Doing

illustration of an academic assignment

August 2014. For fourteen years, Tim Vick has been on the leading edge of developing effective first-year programs. In this podcast, we reached out to him and asked:

  • What are the best first-year student experience programs doing? What are they trying?
  • How do you build supportive relationships with administration and faculty? How do you revitalize those relationships?
  • Given that many first-year student experience programs have not yet implemented assessment, how can we address the barriers to assessment?
  • We know that you lifted a program off the ground from scratch in about 6 months at Middle Georgia State College. If you were speaking to others who need to work on a condensed timeline, what did you learn from that experience that you can share with others?

Listen to our conversation in this 10-minute podcast: