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Effectively balancing both the immediate and long-term institutional goals of space efficiency requires a sophisticated understanding of all campus space. Yet, many space administrators continue to work with rudimentary databases that reveal little beyond room type, location, and square footage. Administrators who are able to redefine and allocate space according to room condition, technology specifications, occupancy, and other telling characteristics possess the sophisticated data necessary to cut through challenging political barriers and become better advocates for the existing space on their campus.

Join us for an online training that walks through the process of building and implementing a robust space database that provides the information to drive data-informed decisions on your campus. You will leave with key considerations and an overarching framework for transforming your space tracking techniques in developing a strategic space model for your institution.

Who Should Attend

Campus administrators charged with overseeing their institution’s space inventory, space database, resource allocation, budget operations, or facilities management and planning should attend this event. This online training is ideal for institutions that are in the early phases of formalizing their space management program.

Additional Resources

Included in your registration will be samples to showcase the evolution of a robust space database, as well as “before/after” snapshots of how a highly strategic database can improve your allocation decisions. Finally, five key questions offered by our expert practitioner will drive the building of  your space database forward.

Learning Outcome

After participating in this webcast, you will be able to build a more robust space database for improved decision making.


  • Creating a Space Inventory Framework
    • Assessing Current Database
    • Weighing ongoing space requests with institutional priorities
    • Prioritizing direction of Inventory
  • Implementing a Space Inventory
    • Creating a Comprehensive Space Checklist
      • Administrative spaces
      • Academic spaces
      • Miscellaneous Spaces
    • Maximizing Gathered Space Data
      • Utility implications on a space inventory (Furniture, technology, unique room characteristics)
      • Articulating “Space Potential” through inventory
  • Case Studies – Basic Database to Strategic Inventory
    • Administrative Space
    • Academic Space
  • Five Questions in Building your Space Inventory


Araceli Fleet, Tarleton State University

Araceli (Arci) is responsible for spatial reporting and accountability, as well as overseeing space management and optimization for the university. She works to provide effective solutions for greater space utilization, and she has been successful at partnering with other offices and departments on campus to successfully adopt new space policies that have increased their space usage and efficiency. She is also responsible for helping to educate campus customers on effective space management in an effort to meet the mission and objectives of the university.

Prior to working at Tarleton State University, Arci was the Space Manager for the Space Information Resources office at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She also worked as an Independent Space Consultant for Tarleton State University before deciding to stay on as a full-time, permanent member of their staff. Her experience with space management at multiple institutions of higher learning make her skillset unique, extensive, and conscious of campus needs and objectives.


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