Title IX Appeal Officers: A Skills Training and Certification



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Gain confidence in your ability to serve as an effective and objective appeal officer on your campus.


As you navigate the new Title IX appeal process, you might find certain aspects difficult or confusing. Are you prepared to navigate the mandated timelines effectively? What elements of the investigative process should you focus on when reviewing your case? How do you handle situations where the judgment of your colleagues might have been compromised? You likely — and reasonably — feel a lot of responsibility for objectively determining a final decision, both to provide a fair process for the parties and to mitigate the risk of litigation for your institution.

Join us online and leave with the knowledge, strategies, and skills you need to feel confident in your role as an appeal officer. During this four-hour training we will cover the required skills and attributes of an effective appeal officer and provide practical opportunities for you to explore the different grounds for appeal, including procedural irregularity, new evidence, and conflict of interest/bias. Whether you are looking to enhance your confidence as a Title IX appeal officer or as a Title IX coordinator responsible for training your appeal officers, this training is for you.

Upon completion of this virtual training, you will receive a certificate of completion for your time spent and knowledge gained at this event.


Who Should Attend

This training will benefit:

  • Designated Title IX appeal officers who are looking to gain the tools, skills, and strategies to determine the final outcome of a Title IX case
  • Title IX Coordinators who are considering who should serve in the appeal officer role and/or wish to provide them with the training to be successful in their roles
  • General Counsel or members of Human Resources who are involved in the Title IX process

This training is equally suitable for new and seasoned appeal officers.

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February 10, 2021

1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Eastern


Section 1: The Regulations

In this first session, we will review the final regulations to provide a baseline knowledge of what is required of your appellate process to ensure that your non-discrimination and sexual harassment policies meet the minimum legal requirements.



Section 2: Appeal Officer Roles and Responsibilities

We will discuss considerations for choosing the best appeal officer for your campus community by reviewing characteristics that are necessary to be successful in this role. Given the tough calls that the designated appeal officer must make in order to mitigate litigation, being aware of the responsibilities of this position is critical to select the best candidate for the role.



Section 3: Grounds for Appeal

Using fact patterns, we will first review the three different grounds for appeal mandated by the regulations. Then we will apply best practices for strategizing and approaching the appeal to help you get through the case. Our expert faculty will provide strategies for determining what matters most during your analysis and where to start your process depending on the ground for appeal filed.



Section 4: The Decision

In this final section of the training, we will review and discuss your narrow scope of options when determining your appeal decision and discuss which option is most applicable given the information provided in the appeal. We will also review the standard of evidence that must be applied when determining your final decision.


Portrait of Tim Love

Tim Love, J.D.

Executive Director for Equity & Compliance, Title IX Coordinator, Loyola University Chicago

In 2019, Tim Love led Loyola University Chicago’s efforts to restructure its compliance program related to Title IX and other equity/civil rights laws, creating the Office for Equity & Compliance to centralize the program and bring institutional policies into alignment across faculty, student, and staff domains.

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