Key Considerations for Designing Student-Focused Innovation Spaces Webcast Recording

90-Minute Online Training


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Get an overview of different types of student-focused innovation spaces that campuses across the country are creating, and learn tips for starting your own project. Our expert instructor from The Garage at Northwestern University and Gensler and Associates will give you suggestions for how you can better define your future innovation space by helping you answer key questions, such as:

  • What is the driving mission and vision of your space?
  • Do you need a new facility or can you renovate an existing one?
  • What should the look and feel be within the space?
  • How do I market my space to current and prospective students?
  • How do you create partnerships within the campus and with industry?

After participating in this webcast, you will be able to immediately begin defining your own innovation space.

A Visual Learning Experience

As a part of this webcast, you will see pictures of innovation spaces on multiple campuses. Seeing these different spaces will allow you to better understand what these spaces look like and have a more informed conversation about starting your own initiative.

Who Should Attend

This webcast is designed for institutions looking to plan or adopt a student-focused innovation space, which could include professionals from a number of different areas on campus, including:

  • Provosts
  • Deans
  • Space planners
  • Directors of facility management
  • Architects
  • Project managers

Learning Outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to take initial steps to define your innovation space on campus. 


  • The “what”: Defining and viewing the different types of spaces
    • Innovation center
    • Maker space
    • Incubator space
    • Accelerator space
  • The “Why”: Making a case for an innovation center
    • Addressing a student need
    • Remain competitive and relevant
    • Retain students and staff
    • Forge connections between industry and academia
  • The “How”: Building a student focused innovation center
    • Developing a mission, which aligns with the strategic goals of the institution-sample questions
    • Creating a physical space that promotes innovation-institutional pictures
    • Branding and marketing the space to the campus and community


Melissa Kaufman, Executive Director, The Garage, Northwestern University

Todd Heiser, Principal, Design Director, Gensler