Increasing the Feeling of Safety and Security for International Students (Webcast Recording)



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This program will teach you practical methods for establishing communities of safety and support for international students in times of political uncertainty. We will focus on the foundational practices that can help international students feel safe and welcome on your campus and discuss how you can address heightened concerns that follow new political statements or legislation. We’ll also share tactics from across higher education, such as:

  • Accompanying international students when they run errands
  • Creating safe spaces for on-campus communities, especially in regards to religious practices
  • Hosting town halls to address concerns
  • Providing access to experts on immigration law

Who Should Attend

This training will benefit professionals who work to bring international students to their campus and make them feel welcome. This may include professionals from:

  • International student affairs
  • Marketing and communications
  • Enrollment and admissions

Learning outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to use best practices to help international students feel safe and supported as part of your campus community.


  • In this first section, we will discuss foundational practices institutions should do on a regular basis:
    • Errands
    • Off-campus housing
    • Religious practice
    • Student board
  • In this second section, we will discuss ways to address concerns with new policies and current events:
    • Town halls with experts
    • Close communication with International student support


Leah Hetzell, Assistant Director of International Student Affairs, Temple University


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