Women’s Leadership Success in Higher Education (Proceedings Binder)

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Get the presentation materials from our popular Women’s Leadership in Higher Education conference for a heavily discounted price.
The binder includes:

  • All presentation slides for both the main conference and the pre-conference workshop
  • Reflection questions
  • Worksheets
  • Action plans
  • References for future reading
  • Additional resources


The Binder Contains All Materials from the Following Conference Sessions:

Pre-Conference Session: Conflict Management Materials

The materials from this workshop will cover strategies presented in the live session to help you manage and resolve a variety of conflicts within your department and institution. You will be introduced to practical tools that can be used to address conflict in its earliest stages before it becomes a formal dispute. There is no one-size-fits all approach to resolving conflict. That’s why our expert instructor presents numerous scenarios and discusses the use of framing, facilitation, and other dispute resolution tools to help you:

  • Improve and sustain a healthy working environment
  • Build rapport among colleagues
  • Increase faculty and staff morale



Creating an Inner Coach Stronger than Your Inner Critic: Moving Beyond the Impostor Syndrome

Many of us live with the constant “self-talk” of a harsh inner critic that inhibits spontaneity, silences our input, and holds us hostage to worry and anxiety. Our experts describe how and why the inner critic became so powerful and how we can develop an alternative voice, the Inner Coach, that knows how to support our confidence, self-esteem, courage, and resilience.



Enhancing Hope through Strengths: Using Strengths-Based Philosophy to Achieve Goals

Hope, defined as our ideas and energy for the future, is a variable that drives persistence, innovation, and the goal setting process. Implementing a strengths-based philosophy can build hope by helping individuals learn how to best leverage their strengths to accomplish organizational goals. The materials for this workshop include a template for you to build an understanding of the importance of hope in the workplace.



Be the Leader You Would Want to Follow

Leadership in higher education matters now more than ever. In this presentation, you will learn what constitutes outstanding leadership, including what qualities, characteristics, experiences, and expertise amazing leaders possess. You will be able to demystify leadership qualities and assess those you already have and those you want to build.



Focusing on Executive Presence

The materials for this presentation will help you to understand what it means to have “executive presence” and how even simple modifications to habits and behaviors can have a powerful impact on the message you convey to others.



Influence and Authority

Influencing is a powerful tactic no matter where you sit within your institution’s organizational hierarchy. The presentation materials for this session will be useful to you if you are trying to influence both people who you supervise and report to, as well as peers with whom you regularly collaborate.



Building Your Leadership Skill Set

With the help of these materials covering concurrent presentations, you will have the opportunity to build your leadership skill set. Topics include:
1: Working With Your Inner Coach to Fortify Confidence, Courage, and Resilience
The slides for this workshop develop your Inner Coach’s tool kit. Learn to strengthen resilience, stay self-supportive in the face of adversity, encourage your capacity to dare greatly, manage stress, and maintain a positive mindset. Let the voice of your Inner Coach be a guide to greater well-being and a catalyst for your best self.

2: Executive Presence
Learn how to better present yourself and your ideas. How you speak, your physical stance, eye contact, and more all impact the delivery of your message. The materials for this session provide you with an opportunity to practice and perfect your executive presence.

3: Mapping Your Career Opportunities
Let’s embrace our career ambitions and make them happen! Too rarely are women—especially in higher ed—encouraged to plan for their career progression and transitions. The materials guide you through exercises that help you to 1) examine your career ambitions and dreams, 2) consider obstacles and tradeoffs for each, and 3) define the steps you need to take to make those ambitions and dreams a reality. You will leave with a set of “potential career maps” to draw on as you go forward in your career.

4: Using Your Strengths to Create a Hope Map
Explore the results of your Strengths Finder assessment in order to understand how you can best contribute to your organization. Create a Hope Map, building your path to achieving your goals.

Educators with a qualified email address can purchase the assessment here for $11.99.

5: Identifying Your Leadership Style
The materials for this session present a self-assessment tool to help participants identify their leadership style. You will consider how to manage and capitalize on your style while mitigating the challenges that come with your specific style.