Student Mental Health in Higher Education

Why You Need This Resource

Higher ed is facing an unprecedented demand for student mental health services. In response, many institutions are in the process of building toward scalable, multi-prong solutions to help meet this demand and are in need of information on common challenges and best practices that have worked for others in bolstering services. The purpose of this report is to help you think more broadly and creatively about your own institutional approach to student mental health.



You Will Learn:


What is top of mind for Deans of Students related to liability and compliance concerns around student mental health

How different institutions are approaching resilience-building in students

How institutions are integrating the use of apps and digital tools into their overall approach around student mental health

You Will Get:


A comprehensive, 28-page research report in digital format

Insights based on in-depth interviews with mental health and student affairs practitioners across higher education

Ideas for how to think more broadly about your own approach to student mental health on campus