Navigating Mergers and Strategic Partnerships: A Guide for Senior Higher Ed Leaders

Why You Need This Resource

As the landscape of higher education becomes more competitive than ever, mergers, partnerships, and other institutional combinations are becoming a reality for a large number of colleges and universities. This report was written to help higher ed leaders proactively learn about what goes into a merger or partnership on the front end and to share critical lessons learned from leaders who have already been through this process. Read this report to better understand and evaluate your own institutional readiness for a merger, acquisition, or strategic partnership.



You Will Learn:


The multitude of factors and considerations that go into evaluating a potential merger, acquisition, or strategic partnership


What questions you should ask to gauge your own institutional readiness for a merger or partnership

You Will Get:


A comprehensive, 17-page research report in digital format


Insights based on in-depth interviews with presidents, chancellors, chiefs of staff, and other cabinet-level leaders in higher ed


Tips and advice from higher ed leaders who have overseen successful mergers, acquisitions, or strategic partnerships at their own institutions