Rethink Your Presidential Search Process

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The average tenure of a college or university President is 6½ years. Are you prepared for your next transition?

Selecting the next president may be the most important decision you will make when it comes to the future success of your institution. Yet, the search process has become more challenging in this age of disruption. Searches are increasingly competitive, and institutions need to seek a new leadership skillset.

Join us online to learn about the most crucial parts of your presidential search process. We will share the most fundamental goals of today’s search process, and you’ll learn how to operationalize these goals at your institution. You’ll leave knowing how to increase the chances of getting your preferred presidential candidate to say “Yes!”

Who Should Attend

Senior leaders, board members, search committee members, and faculty governance leaders will get advice on how to effectively manage presidential search processes to ensure more successful outcomes.

Lessons in this webcast will be relevant to a wide range of institutions (both public and private), and they’ll be easiest to enact in the early phases of a presidential search, when it is important to be intentional and strategic.


The speakers will share their years of experience both as board members and Presidents of various institutions, so you can:

  1. Learn how to think about the presidential search process in a more strategic, intentional way.
  2. Discover how to operationalize the most fundamental aspects of any search process, helping you become more effective in your institution’s presidential search.
  3. Understand the importance of the board chair and hear tips on how to increase your board chair’s significance during your institution’s search.


Terry Franke

Consultant, Franke Associates

Terry Franke is the former chairman of the board of trustees at Lawrence University. Since joining the Board in 1993, he has served under three Presidents and as a board chair under two. In 2013, he helped lead the search for a new president. Read Terry’s full bio here.



David Haynes

Consultant, Franke Associates

David Haynes has a wide and extensive background in higher education, serving as faculty, board member, and administrator. Most recently, he has served as a faculty member and administrator at Northern Michigan University. In July 2014, he retired as President of Northern Michigan University. Read David’s full bio here.



Roger Lumpp

Consultant, Franke Associates

Roger Lumpp has served as president, chairman, and board member of numerous not-for-profit organizations. He served as President of the Wabash College National Association of Wabash Men and Vice President of The University of Michigan’s Alumni Society. In these capacities, he has witnessed and influenced the full spectrum of governance, strategic planning, and operational execution, as well as enterprise leadership transformation. Read Roger’s full bio here.


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