Building Equity into Your Leadership Practice

July 14, 2021 | 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern
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Through active dialogue with your peers, identify small and meaningful ways you can become a change agent for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.


The last year has taught us many things, including the fact that we can all take an active part in creating change and putting equity into practice in small and meaningful ways. While many leaders and individuals in higher education are investing time and energy into learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts and ideals, many struggle with how a new future would look once those practices are put into place and how to become an agent of changes themselves.

Join us online for a highly interactive discussion* that will allow you—through individual reflection and group discussion—to “Imagine When,” and discover how you can become a change agent and bring diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts into your daily leadership practice. During this discussion, you’ll examine the systems and structures that hold organizations back from achieving meaningful change and transformation, and you’ll brainstorm, as a group, ways to overcome those barriers. Becoming a change agent can be messy; it’s not a linear process, and everyone’s path will look different. This workshop will allow you to challenge your perspective, learn from other leaders and grow together as we build an equitable world.

In this workshop you will:

  • Imagine an Ideal State of Equity (personally and for others)
    You will begin the training with individual reflection that allows you to explore what equity looks and feels like for you, and you will dig deeper to discover what equity means and looks like for others.
  • Identify Barriers
    Through large group discussions, you’ll discuss what systems, structures and barriers exist which prevent you from making your ideal state of equity a reality.
  • Commit to Ways You Can Become a Change Agent
    What are simple ways to begin to manage and mitigate your barriers? How can you become an agent of change?

* The success of this event depends on everyone coming ready to participate meaningfully in small and large groups and share your story.

This training is brought to you in partnership with Equity Labs at the University of Denver.
Equity Labs provide active, immersive, practice-oriented diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops for teams of business and nonprofit change agents - emboldening them to actualize equity in their organizations. With a focus on practice, application, and thoughtful action, Equity Labs prepare leaders and teams to make lasting change, building better workplaces and - in time - a better world.


Who Should Attend

This training is designed for leaders at all levels looking to explore how they can become a change agent for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. If you're looking for a safe yet fierce approach that will help you create space for the perspective shifts that need to happen to really affect change with your team, unit or department, this training is for you. Every perspective is welcome and valued. Come willing to share.

Because of the importance of active participation in this event, you will be required to turn on your microphone throughout (and camera if you wish).

In an effort to create a safe space for collaboration and shared experience, the recording of this event will only be available to those who register for the Live Training.

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Portrait of Ebony Wilkinson

Ebony Wilkinson, MNPL

Facilitator, Equity Labs at the University of Denver

Ebony is a New York City native with a passion for helping those around her. Outside of her work in the field of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, she is also active in the nonprofit sector and the field of philanthropy. She enjoys giving back to her community by facilitating empowerment workshops for youth worldwide and volunteering at a variety of events. Ebony holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership from Fordham University in New York, New York, and a Bachelor of the Arts in Individualized Studies with a focus on Women’s Health from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Portrait of Magdelana Red

Magdelana ("Maggie") Red, PhD

Executive Director, Equity Labs at the University of Denver

Working with collaborators from across the university and beyond to build and launch this innovative program, Maggie draws on 15 years of nonprofit and higher education experience. From her roots in the central valley of California through years of research and study in Latin America, she seeks out experiences that expand her view of the world in order to live equity into being every day.


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