Navigating Interdisciplinary Research: A Guide for College and University Administrators

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Why You Need This Resource

In large part because of the funding opportunities it occasions, interdisciplinary research—and finding ways to facilitate more of it –is high on the priority list today for many institutions. But because academe has historically prized discipline-specific research and individual scholarship over collaboration, facilitating more interdisciplinary research opportunities on campus can be challenging.


This report is meant to explore some of these key complications and suggest strategies to help academic leaders and research development professionals navigate these challenges. It will be of most benefit to institutions, centers, or departments that are just getting started in the interdisciplinary research space, and who want to gain a better understanding of the challenges and barriers they are likely to encounter.



You Will Learn:


About the specific challenges associated with reconciling different disciplinary norms


About the complexities involved in sharing and attributing credit in interdisciplinary research work


How seed funding competitions and events can be used to encourage more cross-pollination and interdisciplinary research collaborations

You Will Get:


A comprehensive, 18-page research report in digital format


Insights based on in-depth interviews with VPs of Research, Research Officers, and other academic leaders across higher ed


An overview of the specific hurdles institutions must clear in order to foster a culture of interdisciplinary research