The Challenges of Creating and Running an Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Why You Need This Resource

Many institutions and academic units are seeking to make their curriculum more interdisciplinary, but lack the necessary infrastructure to make this happen. There is also a great deal of variability in terms of what an interdisciplinary curriculum can look like. This report adds value by providing an overview of how interdisciplinary education is taking shape in higher ed, diagnosing key challenges, and providing examples of how other institutions have approached this work.



You Will Learn:


Why so many institutions today are focused on introducing more interdisciplinarity into curriculum


What an interdisciplinary curriculum can look like in varied institutional contexts


The ins and outs of the specific barriers that academic leaders face when trying to implement a more interdisciplinary curriculum

You Will Get:


A comprehensive, 17-page research report in digital format


Insights based on in-depth interviews with academic leaders across higher ed


Exposure to numerous case studies of what a successful interdisciplinary curriculum can look like across institutions