Overcoming Bias in Your Title IX Investigative Process (Webcast Recording)



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With the rise of complex sexual misconduct cases, the potential for imposing bias in our investigative process is high.  This webcast will examine the intersection between bias and Title IX investigations to ensure an objective and fundamentally fair investigative process.

Join us for this webcast and gain the confidence, knowledge, and skill set to ensure that personal bias does not directly impact decisions. You’ll also receive resources that will review the concepts of microaggressions and bias more generally to help you and your team get the conversation started, and the webcast itself will dive into specific tools and practice to help you uncover bias in your Title IX processes.

Who Should Attend

Those who currently provide oversight for sexual misconduct cases, conduct investigations, or resolve cases will leave with a better understanding of how bias may impact the preparation for an interview, reporting writing, and/or the decision-making process.

Bonus Resources

As part of your registration, you will receive access to short videos and other resources that will offer your team a foundational understanding on the concepts of microaggressions and bias. These resources will cover the concepts more generally (not just in relation to Title IX investigations) and help you and your team get the conversation started around these topics. By reviewing these resources before viewing the webcast, you’ll be prepared to discuss the intersection between bias and Title IX during the actual webcast.


As a Title IX investigator, you are searching for evidence in every step of the process.  You must critically reflect on how bias may have impacted your findings. We will offer tools and practice to help you uncover bias in the following steps of your process:

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Report-writing
  • Decision-making


Alice Jones, Title IX Coordinator, Roosevelt University

In addition to her current role, Alice also works as a national facilitator and trainer in diversity and inclusion through Inclusion Consultant Network, LLC.  She has written and presented sessions for audiences in a variety of industries including higher education, health care and collegiate athletics, among others. Alice was a featured keynote speaker at the 2017 NCAA Inclusion Forum. She works regularly with the NCAA National Office on issues related to inclusion.  Alice has a unique blend of expertise in diversity/inclusion and its intersection with issues related to Title IX and student conduct. Alice’s recent work has focused on generational communication, a high-demand issue in higher education and in other industries. Alice holds a M.A. in Public Relations Management.


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