New Advisor Bootcamp: Training on Five Skillsets

After participating in this conference, you will be able to better apply the five fundamentals of advising to your practice.

For every three people you register from your institution, receive a fourth registration free.


Essential training for new advisors to have a greater impact on advisees.

Learn the relational, conceptual, and personal skills that are critical to effectively advising students in higher education. While you may have received technical and university-specific training, the skills discussed during this training can be the difference between good and great advising. Join us in Orlando at our second new advisor bootcamp to take a holistic look at how you can make a bigger impact as a new advisor by using a powerful five-part framework. You will leave with a learning plan that you can use to continue your development as an advisor over the next year.

New Breakout Sessions This Year

This training includes three breakout sessions that are new this year. During the conference you will have the chance to choose from one of the following concurrent sessions:

  1. Developing a training plan for new advisors
  2. Assessing your essential skillsets as a new advisor
  3. Using analytics to prioritize and personalize your advising sessions

5 Part Framework

5 Part Framework

Designed for New Advisors and Directors of Training

We designed this conference to appeal to both professional and faculty advisors in their first two years in the position as well as professionals in charge of training new advisors on their campus. To encourage team participation, when you send three people from your institution, a fourth can attend for free!

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