Connecting Admissions Counselors More Effectively to Yield Outcomes (Webcast Recording Only)

Webcast Recording | 60 minutes


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Admissions counselors are commonly more mission-driven than numbers-driven.  Since many wouldn’t self-identify as “numbers people,” they often struggle to articulate their personal enrollment goals and progress to leadership.

But in a climate where every student matters, institutions can no longer afford to leave these goals up to chance. The productivity of admissions counselors is vital to an institution’s ability to execute their yield strategies, so enrollment and admissions leaders must start to shift the culture around goals and measurement for the counselors.

Join us for this webcast and learn:

  • How to set goals for counselors that are both aspirational and obtainable
  • How to measure progress on goals through strategic reports
  • How to hire and train for better results

What You Will Get

To help you measure and discuss progress on goals with your admissions counselors, we’ll offer you several sample reports that you can adapt for your institution, including weekly and monthly outreach reports and weekly overall territory reports.  In the interest of helping you train admissions counselors for a numbers-driven environment, we’ll also offer a sample training plan.

Who Should Attend

Leaders interested in driving the culture shift to get their institutions to start paying attention to yield will benefit from this training, including vice presidents of enrollment management, directors and assistant directors of admissions, or anyone with responsibilities around managing individual and team performance in the admissions office.


  1. Setting goals for admissions counselors
  2. Measuring progress on goals through strategic reports
  3. Hiring and training for better results


David Mariott, Ph.D., Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Oklahoma State University

Benjamin Hagan, Assistant Director for Recruitment Services, Oklahoma State University