Busting Myths Around Your Market Position: Making Data-Informed Decisions (Recording Only)



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Is your market position supported by data or by anecdotes? The reality is that a surprisingly large number of institutions still work from the latter when defining their brand in a competitive landscape. Your institution might boast qualities such as: “academic excellence,” “diversity,” or “career readiness,” but would your students agree? With a data-informed understanding of your market position, you can start to break from this “sameness” and capitalize on what truly makes your institution or program unique.

Join us for this webcast and learn what data you need to conduct a comprehensive market analysis that will ultimately inform your market position. You’ll learn where and how to access this data, and how to use it to make better informed decisions related to strategic enrollment planning, new academic program planning, or institutional endeavors.

Who Should Attend

Decision-makers in enrollment and academic leadership who are charged with determining an institution or program’s market position will benefit from this content. Marketing and communications professionals interested in capitalizing on the results of such an effort will also find this webcast useful.


During this webcast, our instructor will guide you through data-gathering that will help inform:

  1. Market Demand – Which of your institution’s strengths are most valued by current and prospective students?
  2. Competitive Landscape  – What are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the marketplace?

We will close with a discussion of how market position might start to inform decision-making.


Jim Anderson, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, Boise State University


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