2020 Fiscal Year-End Promo 25-User Membership + 1 Conference Seat


Get access to higher ed specific online training at your fingertips.

Gain access to a collection of resources to help you:

  • Navigate unprecedented challenges presented by the current pandemic/COVID-19 crisis
  • Equip faculty with tools and skills they need for online instruction
  • Support advancement shops with fundraising efforts and more
  • Migrate student support services to online platforms
  • Empower women on your team with continuous and personalized professional development
  • Provide leadership, personal development and skills-based training to all faculty and staff

An annual subscription to our online library serves learners of all types with:

  • $250 off all in-person conferences
  • In-depth webcasts featuring best practices and supplemental resources
  • Engaging and instructional videos
  • Research-based reports exploring critical issues facing the industry
  • Articles and whitepapers with tips, how-to’s, and case studies
  • Tools, templates, and other resources that can help you do your job better immediately
  • 2-3 day virtual conferences providing in-depth instruction and valuable networking opportunities

Each institution also receives one conference seat that can be used by the individual of your choice. Choose from a dynamic mix of over 80 different in-person conferences.  No regular conference pass is excluded and all workshops are included!

Learn from THE organization with the most experience in online professional development:

  • Nearly 20 years of best-in-class online training
  • Designed and developed more than 1500 online trainings
  • Access our network of over 500 vetted subject matter experts
  • We have served more than 3000 institutions including every AAU, R1 and R2 institution

Existing Members: Need more users because everyone is now off-campus? Call our Membership Advisor on 720.988.1257 for a special promotion to add users.

Questions? Feel free to call our Membership Advisor on 720.988.1257.