How to Engage Faculty in Academic Program Prioritization

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Resistance to change and lack of faculty buy-in are the most frequently cited challenges in prioritizing academic programs. Yet, a highly engaged faculty is critical to the success of a prioritization effort. When faculty are fully engaged and committed to the process, there will be greater ownership (and therefore more successful implementation) of the decisions reached; it is also more likely that the decisions reached will be most supportive of the institution’s academic mission and strategic objectives.

In this book, Robert C. Dickeson helps institutional leaders and prioritization task forces rethink this challenge. He also offers a checklist of 28 steps and tools to engage faculty meaningfully in the prioritization process, in ways that build trust across your institution and ensure that your prioritization will be both rigorous and effective.

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Order 10 or more copies and receive a $25 discount on every copy you purchase!

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