High-Impact Advising: A Guide for Academic Advisors

By Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D.

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By Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D.
301 pages
ISBN: 9781948658003

Training advisors is not an easy task. We never seem to have enough time and resources to devote to providing comprehensive, ongoing training to our advising team. As advising administrators, we are faced with managing multiple priorities related to supervising personnel, executing programs, addressing escalated student issues, and attending to the myriad of administrative functions that come with the job.”

Drawing on 25+ years of academic advising experience at diverse institutions, Sue Ohrablo’s High-Impact Advising provides a comprehensive, A-Z introduction to the job–with useful tools, exercises, and assessments that can be used in individual and group training sessions for new advisors, or can be used as a refresher for ongoing training and reinforcement of practices.

Table of Contents

  1. Academic Advising: Beyond the Catalog
  2. Understanding and Meeting Student Needs
  3. Academic Advising Delivery Methods
  4. Investigative Advising
  5. Promoting Student Success
  6. Risk Management
  7. Beyond Day-to-Day Work: Grassroots Leadership in Academic Advising
  8. Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Reviews from the field

“I highly recommend that all academic advising professionals read High-Impact Advising: A Guide for Academic Advisors, as it will help them to enhance key skills needed to establish positive relationships with students, appropriately assess students’ needs, effectively teach students, and efficiently provide high quality service.”
Jacqueline T. Hollins, Assistant Vice Provost/Director of Academic Advisement, SUNY at Buffalo (UB)

“As a department leader in academic advisement, I would use Sue’s book as a training resource and teaching mechanism for advisors. It allows advising professionals to understand today’s complex environment of advising students, beyond just selecting courses.”
Jake Shilts, Director, Advisement & Career Services, Miami Dade College

“Advisors will reap the benefits of this well-balanced, informative guide.”
Shari Saperstein, Associate Dean, College of Undergraduate Studies, Nova Southeastern University

“Sue’s book provides quality theoretical and practical knowledge to assist advisors in their work with our students.”
Dr. Lua R. Hancock, Vice Provost, Campus Life and Student Success, Stetson University

“A student-centered, informative, and practical approach. Dr. Ohrablo presents powerful guidelines geared towards student success for 21st century academic advisors. The handbook offers indispensable information and engaging scenarios that mirror real life college instances that students experience. A key resource tool for academic advisors and higher education professionals.”
Dr. DeLaine Priest, Associate Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services, University of Central Florida

“I find Sue’s writing quite relevant to today’s complex advising environment and enriching to all those involved in student advising. As an advisor, this will come in handy as a window of proven practical insights, tools and method for effective advising.”
Awah Divine, Academic Advisor, Abu Dhabi University

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