Leading Change Through Collaboration


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Despite the best intentions or even external mandates for change, numerous forces are at work that perpetuate the status quo on college campuses. How can leaders not only initiate but sustain momentum to see new initiatives all the way through?

In this three-day intensive workshop, you will learn a more successful approach to leading change. Using real case studies from colleges and universities, we’ll explore how collaborative efforts helped institutions:

  • Redesign new degree programs
  • Set new strategic directions across a multi-campus environment
  • Reinvigorate an existing strategic plan
  • Find new ways to leverage committees

Why Do Most Change Efforts Fail?

There is a tendency in higher education to hire external “change agents” who fall short of expectations because they attempt to force change without a full understanding of the culture or history of the institution. Given the complexity of the challenges we face in higher education, we need more than these singular efforts. We need leaders who can create a shared vision and gain real buy-in from various stakeholders within your institution. This program will equip you with the skillset and mindset for how to actually do this.

Bring Back a Toolkit

You will leave with a resource packet full of valuable materials including our conference workbook, worksheets, and complimentary copy of Dr. Patrick Sanaghan’s book, Collaborative Leadership in Action. This resource packet will serve as an ongoing toolkit to aid in your collaborative change efforts.

Limited Attendance, Sign Up Early!

This program has been specially designed for middle- to senior-level leaders who are managing large-scale change efforts. Internal staff focused on organizational development will also benefit from attending this conference.

Due to the highly experiential and interactive nature of this program, attendance is limited to 30 people. You will engage in different simulations and discussions and receive personalized attention to ensure you leave with a tangible plan to move your change efforts forward.

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