The Meeting Diagnostic Tool (MDT)

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Assess the effectiveness of your regular meetings and identify the specific factors that either help or hinder your meetings.

This tool assesses elements that few leaders pay attention to. The MDT is a product of attending, participating in, designing, and facilitating 1000+ meetings. It looks at four critical elements that either make or break a meeting:

  • Discipline and Focus
  • Participation and Engagement
  • Group Dynamics
  • Practices and Protocols

The good news is that you will now know the bad news. And how to fix it.
The MDT goes beyond looking at the nuts and bolts of an effective meeting and looks at the process of a meeting. That is where the real challenges lie. You might find that meeting participants rate some of these elements quite low. It is difficult to fix a meeting when you don’t know exactly what needs “fixing.” This tool uniquely uncovers both what is working and what isn’t; allowing you to build on your strengths and identify opportunities.

How to Use

Use this tool with your team or group that has regular face-to-face meetings on an ongoing basis (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly). Ideal for regular department, faculty or board meetings. Although the MDT is designed to evaluate face-to-face meetings, it has also been successfully used with video conferences/online meetings. It is not meant to assess a one-time meeting or conference.