Not Helicopters, but Allies: Partnering with Parents to Better Support Students

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Parents are often well positioned to identify early warning signs, provide encouragement, and offer meaningful support for at-risk students. With the right buy-in and collaboration, your staff can work with parents to support students in a way that positively impacts retention and on-time graduation rates. This book, by Marjorie Savage, will act as a guide for you to:

  • Familiarize parents with campus resources
  • Educate parents on normative student development
  • Understand when parents should step in or step back
  • Build parents’ affinity for the college

If you’re new to parent programs, a primer at the end of Marjorie’s book also includes these complimentary resources:

  • A sample parent survey
  • Sample parent program outcomes
  • Steps for starting a parent program from scratch


Praise for This Book

“Marjorie Savage does not only gives us results of the social science research in the field but provides us with tools on how to actually improve our college parent and family programs. Marjorie answered many questions I hear daily from my colleagues who work with families on college campuses.”
Branka Kristic, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Hofstra University President-Elect, Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Programs Professionals (AHEPPP)

“Savage has produced an essential guide for any university creating or reinvigorating a parent and family program office. Not Helicopters but Alliesprovides practical and easy-to-implement steps for creating a successful parent partnership.”
Lady Cox, Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement, Auburn University

“This book is a “must read” for new as well as seasoned professionals working with families in the higher education environment. Savage’s research-based foundation proves the long-term value of strong relationships with parent and families, leading to higher student graduation rates and institution affinity.”
Shari Glaser, Director of Parent and Family Programs, Western Michigan University



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