The High Performing Teams Survey

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Just getting smart people in a room is not enough to build a powerful team. Is your team reaching its full potential?

In higher education’s merit-based culture that prizes individual effort, rarely is attention given to building a powerful team. This survey instrument will help you find out exactly where your team is functioning well, or why your team is floundering. Use the High Performing Teams Survey to conduct a deep MRI into how your team works and identify opportunities to make your team more collaborative and productive.

The High Performing Teams Survey is based on a research-informed team effectiveness model that Academic Impressions has developed specifically for higher education. This model values collaborative decision making, transparency, accountability and mutual support, and team learning.

When you purchase this survey instrument, the booklet you receive includes:

  • A model and framework for understanding the six components of team effectiveness
  • A review of the research on effective teams
  • A tested and proven survey instrument, with worksheets and tools for scoring the findings
  • Instructions for conducting an in-depth item analysis and benchmarking your team’s improvement over time

How to Use

The High Performing Teams Survey will be delivered as a PDF that you can print out and distribute to your team members who will complete the survey. The survey itself is comprised of 60 questions, and your team members will rate each of the 60 items anonymously on a 10-point scale. Once the survey is complete, we recommend a neutral third party compile the results. This assessment tool comes with a guide for you to conduct an intensive analysis of your team’s scores to clearly reveal your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and enable you to focus your improvement efforts.

This isn’t without risk.

Taking the High Performing Teams Survey is not without risk, because it will clearly identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses, in no uncertain terms. You might find out that you are quite strong in one or two areas, but weak in others. The High Performing Teams Survey is akin to an MRI, deeply diagnosing areas of team functioning that usually are not explicitly known by most team leaders. Use it as a learning tool to help your team achieve its goals.