Professional Development: What Really Matters to Faculty and Staff


Professional Development: What Really Matters to Faculty and Staff

Even with resources constrained, there’s a lot you can do to engage and retain employees and boost job satisfaction.

In this free webcast, we’ll share findings from a multi-year, longitudinal study specific to higher education—find out what really matters to employees in terms of career growth and development. 


  • How different populations (e.g., women, under-represented groups, millennials, etc.) face different challenges with access to professional development, and what particular changes you can make to deepen their engagement and promote their development and advancement at your institution. 
  • How to engage supervisors and department heads as partners in this process to better engage, develop, and retain employees. 
  • How to develop employees in resource-constrained environments. 

In our study, we found that even in environments with very limited funding for professional development, intentional and structured conversations between supervisors and staff about their development made a significant difference. Today, with an increasingly distributed, disconnected, and diversified workforce, HR leaders in higher education must approach employee satisfaction and engagement differently than in the past.  

Who Should Attend

Professionals in human resources and organizational development in higher education will leave this webcast empowered to engage employees and support supervisors in engaging employees at a much deeper level.

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Amit Mrig

President, Academic Impressions

Amit co-founded Academic Impressions in 2002 to provide research, publishing, and training on issues that directly impact the sustainability and strategy of higher education. Under his direction, AI has published hundreds of articles and papers, interactive training programs, and topical and timely webcasts, serving over 50,000 academic and administrative leaders across 3,500 colleges and universities.

Amit leads AI’s research and programming on higher ed leadership development and authors many of our research and thought leadership papers. He also leads our Presidential Dialogues Series, discussing higher ed strategy and leadership with college and university presidents.

Amit has consulted with dozens of higher ed leaders, cabinet members, and board members and is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. Amit has been published in or interviewed for a variety of outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Huffington Post, International Educator, and The Chronicle for Higher Education. He also serves as an active board member of The Challenge Foundation, an organization helping low-income students successfully earn a college degree.

Beth Rotach

Chief Strategy Officer, Academic Impressions

Beth just couldn’t stay away from Academic Impressions, joining the company for two stints: first coordinating online training and then returning to direct company strategy and development. Beth has her fingers in many pots and brings her creative perspective to many teams. Big projects and initiatives typically keep her somewhere at their helms. As part of these efforts, she directly oversees our marketing department, human resources, and business development. Beth’s career before AI was in public health working at the University of Colorado as Director of an AIDS Education and Training Center, developing training and capacity building for health care providers across an 8-state region. She worked there to secure federal funding for her project and helped on other research, training, and telehealth initiatives at the university. She has also served as a consultant with federal agencies and for local non-profits. She enjoys the challenge of problem-solving and developing and implementing creative solutions -whether that be working with individuals to bring out their full potential or working on systems-level solutions.

Beth holds a strong passion for empowering women and women’s leadership; her two young, spunky girls has only fueled that fire. On weekends, you can find Beth adventuring with them and her husband, stretching out on a yoga mat, or searching for some time to rest.