Reforming the Core Curriculum: When You’re Mid-Process

Image shows a lecture hall crowded with students

Earlier this fall, Academic Impressions released a study of general education reform in North America, based on a survey of 308 academic leaders and a series of interviews with leading innovators in core curriculum reform.

In the weeks since the release of our report, we have continued to interview provosts and deans at a diversity of colleges and universities, asking follow-up questions about their struggles and successes with the process of improving their core.

This week, we reached out to Betsy Beaulieu, dean of the core division at Champlain College, to share some of what we were learning with her and to ask her what insights she would offer for her peers at other institutions. (You can read about Champlain College’s thoughtful approach to the core curriculum in our recent report.)

Here is what she had to say: