Responding to Title IX Disclosures for Faculty and Staff: A 5-Day Program

Responding to Title IX Disclosures for Faculty and Staff:
A 5-Day Program

Join our program to receive bite-sized lessons on responding to Title IX disclosures for 5 business days.

The next cohort starts on Monday.

Reinforce the trust between you and a reporting party when you’re informed of a sexual harrassment incident.

While not every faculty or staff member will be designated as an “Official with Authority” or “Responsible Employee”, you will likely experience a Title IX disclosure from someone on your campus who trusts you. This course will give you the skillset to respond to a disclosure in the moment and understand the process after the initial disclosure of sexual harassment. We’ll explore the responsibilities of designated “officials with authority” of sexual harassment and give you strategies to ensure safe and productive conversations when students and employees share details of sexual harassment with you. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the risks involved if a conversation is mishandled
  • Respond effectively using 7 tips to personalize your approach
  • Understand what not to say or do that could be harmful
  • Be prepared at a moment’s notice

In the first three days of this course, we’ll focus on handling a sexual harassment disclosure, no matter your role. In the final two days, the course will focus on handling sexual harassment disclosures as an “Official with Authority” or “Responsible Employee”.


Who Will Benefit

Whether you’re an “Official with Authority”, a “Responsible Employee”, “Mandatory Reporter Employee”, or a trusted faculty member without the designation as an Official with Authority this course is for you. This course will give you the tools to effectively and compassionately respond to a disclosure of sexual harassment.


How It Works

For 5 days, Monday – Friday, you will get daily emails with bite-sized videos and activities that you can complete in 30 minutes or less each day.

A new cohort starts every Monday.

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Before You Start


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Week 1

Day 2

11 minutes

Sample Situations for Faculty and Staff

What to Say or Do

What Not to Say or Do

Other Useful Information to Know

Download Resources and Complete:

  • Responding to Title IX Disclosures: Training for Faculty and Staff

Day 3

8 minutes

Complete one or more:
Scenario #1: Lexie T

Complete one or more:
Scenario #2: Tyler S.

Complete one or more:
Scenario #3: Helen W.

Closing Remarks

Day 5

13 minutes

6 Strategies to Guide Disclosure Conversations

Disclosure Roleplay: Check for the 6 Strategies in Action

Roleplay Debrief

Download Resources and Complete:

  • Strategies for Responding in the Moment
  • Role Play Worksheet

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