The Future of Higher Education: Fall or Thrive?

The Future of Higher Education

Will Higher Education Seize the Future or Fall Victim to It?

A unique look ahead...

The future of higher education depends on our ability to resolve four unforgiving paradoxes:


  1. Even amid growing awareness that the business model is broken, colleges and states are doubling down on that traditional model.

  2. The way we are managing our educational model is undermining its relevance and value.

  3. We need to change quickly, but our institutions are operating at capacity and both our decision making and governance models are not supportive of rapid innovation.

  4. The research is clear that the value of a degree is increasing, but public skepticism of the value is growing at the same time.

Read what college presidents and board chairs have to say about these four issues, get unique insights from leading thinkers in higher ed, and download a resource you can share with your colleagues!

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