Three Ways to Engage Online Students Outside the Virtual Classroom

Three Ways to Engage Online Students Outside the Virtual Classroom

Thursday, November 30, 2017

1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST

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Learn how you can design virtual gatherings for engaging your online students outside of the online classroom.

Learn a high-tech and high-touch method for supporting online students in a way that makes them feel engaged as part of a campus community. During this online training you will hear from Dr. Chris Roddenberry as he outlines three virtual methods that have successfully increased the online students’ participation in non-mandatory virtual tutoring sessions, clubs, and informal academic gatherings. As we walk through each opportunity, we will discuss considerations for staffing, budgeting, and planning these online co-curricular activities.

Who Should Attend

This program will greatly benefit professionals involved in online student retention and success. This may include representatives from the following departments:

  • Retention and student success
  • Online learning
  • Student support
  • Co-curricular programs


In this webcast, our expert instructor will outline three virtual opportunities that have increased engagement of online students outside of the virtual classroom. For each program, you will learn suggestions for staffing, budgeting, and planning.

Creating Virtual Department-Specific Resources Centers

In this section, you will learn how Wake Tech created a virtual Social Science Resource Center to serve their students during non-instructional time. This resource center is an open lab staffed by instructors from anthropology, sociology, and psychology departments. It serves as an informal gathering place where professors can hold impromptu study sessions.

Creating Virtual Tutoring Services

This section will outline how Wake Tech created virtual Individualized Learning resources to provide tutoring services to their online population.

Creating Virtual Club Communities

This section will show how Wake Tech socially engaged their online students by allowing for virtual participation in various clubs and gatherings. These gatherings showed a dramatic increase in participation and helped to connect online and traditional students.



Dr. Chris Roddenberry

Associate Professor, Psychology
Wake Tech Community College

Chris Roddenberry is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Wake Tech Community College. He earned his PhD from UNC Chapel Hill in social psychology and has been teaching online since 2003. Chris’ area of interest and research is in using emergent technologies to develop online educational models that encourage student engagement. His efforts have focused primarily on tools that promote synchronous interaction. He is currently a co-principal investigator on a 4-year, $2.7 million Department of Education grant to develop an online educational model that improves minority outcomes.

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Michelle Sponholz
Program manager, Academic Impressions

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