Workshop: Implementing a Strengths-Based Approach to Leadership on Campus


Implementing a Strengths-Based Approach to Leadership on Campus

Designed for institutions that are looking to leverage their employees' natural strengths to improve personal and team effectiveness. This workshop is a great fit if you want a leadership program that helps you find answers to the following crucial questions:

  • How do you build a cohesive team that allows its members to recognize and leverage their biggest strengths?
  • How can you put people in the right roles and on the right projects based on their strengths to achieve the optimum team dynamic and outcomes?
  • How can supervisors use strengths in coaching conversations to help team members develop self-awareness, think big picture, and discuss future career directions?
  • How can you better understand your team’s current composition in terms of strengths in order to search for and hire those who will grow your team for success?

Participants will leave this training with a greater understanding of how they can leverage both their own and their team’s individual strengths in the unique context of their higher education organization.

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