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The Other Higher-Ed Bubble (Full Report)


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Amid recent discussion of whether higher education is the next big financial "bubble," it's my view that what isn't being talked about is a bubble of another type - a "denial" bubble. In this report, I'll offer a new diagnosis of the challenges facing higher ed leadership, and a call to action for college and university leaders.

Amit Mrig
President, Academic Impressions

Responses from the Experts

In two 30-minute podcasts, hear higher-education experts Bob Dickeson, Larry Goldstein, Lucie Lapovsky, John Lombardi, and Pat Sanaghan offer practical advice for higher-ed leaders in response to The Other Higher-Ed Bubble.

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Using an open and transparent process, learn to identify programs that should be invested in, cut, downsized, or merged.

In Chicago in October 2014, join Bob Dickeson and Larry Goldstein for an in-depth examination of a proven method for prioritizing academic and administrative programs.

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About the Authors

Amit Mrig, President and CEO

Amit co-founded Academic Impressions in 2002 to provide a variety of educational products and services that help higher education administrators tackle key, strategic challenges. Since 2002, AI has designed and directed hundreds of conferences and has served representatives from over 3,500 higher education institutions. Besides designing and leading events for cabinet-level officers focused on strategic planning, budgeting, and leadership development, Amit leads Academic Impressions’ ongoing research into the five- and 10 year challenges facing higher education and plays a lead role in outlining each issue of Higher Ed Impact: Monthly Diagnostic to highlight how college and university leaders can take an institution-wide approach to answering those challenges.