A Road Map for Campus Sustainability

Cover: Road Map for Campus Sustainability Report

In this report:

  • A Sustainable Approach to Sustainability
  • Coordinating Sustainability Efforts Across Campus
  • Integrating Sustainability into Curricular and Co-curricular Programs
  • Efficiency and Cost Control
  • Leveraging Early Successes to Increase Funding and Involvement

A Letter From Amit Mrig, President, Academic Impressions

July 2011. Whether your institution is driven by social values, economic reality, or political and market demand, the trend to become more sustainable is undeniable. Yet, with all of the momentum throughout the industry and society writ large, including more than 650 campus presidents pledging carbon neutrality, most sustainability efforts have a difficult time achieving meaningful gains.

Such efforts are often driven more by the individual will of a student, faculty member, or campus president than through smart planning, implementation, and resourcing. This reality was the impetus for the Academic Impressions Sustainability Road Map – a methodology that advocates for an integrated, scalable approach to campus sustainability, and one that can help generate broad-based support and buy-in.

We’ve gathered experts from the leading green institutions to share their insights on how to maximize the economic, social, and environmental returns on these investments. We hope their advice will be useful.

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