Academic Success Coaching: Keys to an Effective Approach

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Given voluminous research on the impact of individualized attention on at-risk students' academic performance and persistence, more institutions are innovating new ways to leverage both peer mentors and professional academic success coaches.

To learn more about the second approach (which has not yet been as widely adopted), we reached out to Derek Moore, a key player in the success coach program at Pulaski Technical College. Pulaski has success coaches on seven campuses, and the coaches report to the institution's dean of enrollment. The program has seen some success, and Moore shared with us some of its key features.

Smaller colleges especially, as well as institutions serving nontraditional student populations, may want to take note. Much of the program's features are replicable, and it is possible to start on a small scale -- with just a few coaches and a brief questionnaire to serve as a needs assessment -- and then build up over time.

Here is one model for providing effective academic success coaching.

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