Creating a Faculty Leadership Development Program

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by Dr. David H. Kiel, Senior Leadership Consultant, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Effective faculty leadership is important because faculty are the main stakeholders in the university who are committed to the core academic and democratic values that underpin higher education in the US. If faculty members are not effective leaders, then higher education at every level is ineffective and does not fully reflect these core values. While senior administrators, parents, trustees, students, and alumni are also important stakeholders, they may not be as fully committed to the core academic values as faculty, whose professional identity center on these values.

Yet, few institutions offer effective support in developing faculty leaders.

To help you get started, this paper will share:

  • A framework: 4 reasons why faculty leadership development is especially critical now
  • A leadership skills inventory for mid-level faculty
  • 10 considerations in designing effective faculty leadership development programs
  • A case study highlighting UNC-Chapel Hill’s approach
  • Next steps for moving toward a comprehensive faculty leadership development program

Read the paper.