A Showcase of Innovative Storytelling Across Higher Ed

A Showcase of Innovative Storytelling Mechanisms Across Higher Ed One of the most effective ways to get prospective students interested in your institution is to have current students speak directly to them through their own voice and storytelling. Use this resource to inspire your next student vlog, blog or social media “take-over” campaign. #StudentsofFLC – […]

Fundraising and Sexual Harassment: Documenting Effective Procedures

As a front-line fundraisers you might experience sexual harassment from donors and volunteers, making it incredibly important to have effective procedures in place for both managers and staff. Click the image below to download this handy guide to help you create or evaluate sexual harassment policies for both managers and team members.  

Writing Resource Manual

Writing Resource Manual Everyone needs a little help with their writing now and again! Containing everything from frequently confused words to style tips, this manual offers tons of practical guidance for improving your writing. Click the image below to download this excellent resource.