Decisions to Make with Your Interdisciplinary Research Team Before a Project

Many institutions are looking to accelerate interdisciplinary research. If you’re a faculty member or research development professional, use this interactive form to set expectations for your team before beginning a project. It will guide you through a list of considerations that are key to building and managing a successful team.

Tips for Building Successful Relationships with Reporters

The media landscape is changing — tighter deadlines, the 24-hour news cycle, shrinking budgets. All of these things are changing the way public relations departments interact with journalists. Consider reviewing this job aid and video before your next interaction with a reporter. Hear from former on-air reporter and current director of Media & Public Relations […]

A Showcase of Innovative Storytelling Across Higher Ed

A Showcase of Innovative Storytelling Mechanisms Across Higher Ed One of the most effective ways to get prospective students interested in your institution is to have current students speak directly to them through their own voice and storytelling. Use this resource to inspire your next student vlog, blog or social media “take-over” campaign. #StudentsofFLC – […]

Tools for Better Customer Service

Managers and directors supervising frontline service providers can use these 5 resources to assess pieces of their overall operation, and develop scripts for frontline service providers with an eye towards improving the customer experience.

Tools for Reflecting on Professional Development

Make the most of your professional development opportunities by reflecting on the experience, what you learned, and potential next steps. We’ve gathered the following tools to get you started.

Tools for Training Advisors

Are you tasked with the training and developing of academic advisors at your institution? Leverage the tools in this suite to round out your training plan. We’ve included resources that span three categories: Foundational Information Job Aids, Tools, and Activities Resources for Faculty Advisors Check back periodically to see what’s new!

Are You Looking for a New Way to Evaluate Your Projects?

Modified from a process used by the US military, the before-action and after-action review cycle described here provides a structure for project reviews focused on process-improvement. Download this job aid to get started with more purposeful project reviews today!