The Challenges of Creating and Running an Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Many institutions and academic units are seeking to make their curriculum more interdisciplinary, but lack the necessary infrastructure to make this happen. There is also a great deal of variability in terms of what an interdisciplinary curriculum can look like. This report adds value by providing an overview of how interdisciplinary education is taking shape […]

Navigating Interdisciplinary Research: A Guide for College and University Administrators

In large part because of the funding opportunities it occasions, interdisciplinary research—and finding ways to facilitate more of it –is high on the priority list today for many institutions. But because academe has historically prized discipline-specific research and individual scholarship over collaboration, facilitating more interdisciplinary research opportunities on campus can be challenging. This report is […]

Student Mental Health in Higher Education

Higher ed is facing an unprecedented demand for student mental health services. In response, many institutions are in the process of building toward scalable, multi-prong solutions to help meet this demand and are in need of information on common challenges and best practices that have worked for others in bolstering services. The purpose of this […]

6 Powerful Ideas for Building a First-Class Team on Campus

The silo mentality that often exists on our campuses often limits our collective actions, and creates redundancy and replication. Given shrinking resources and the rapid pace of change, the siloed approach to team building and decision making is neither strategic nor feasible. We must work collaboratively to utilize the collective talents of our campus stakeholders. […]

6 Destructive Myths About Teams in Higher Education

Higher education will face daunting and complex challenges over the next decade, and campuses will need high-performing teams, especially a high-performing senior team, in order to face those challenges. Building and nurturing a great team is a daunting and noble task for any leader. It takes courage and care, perspiration and aspiration, and investment of […]

Navigating Mergers and Strategic Partnerships: A Guide for Senior Higher Ed Leaders

As the landscape of higher education becomes more competitive than ever, mergers, partnerships, and other institutional combinations are becoming a reality for a large number of colleges and universities. This report was written to help higher ed leaders proactively learn about what goes into a merger or partnership on the front end and to share […]