Title IX 2023: Considerations for Preparing Your Campus Leaders Now

New Title IX regulations are coming soon. Title IX Coordinators know all too well the variety and amount of effort required to align their institutional policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the new regulations. With this in mind, there are early steps you can take that will enable your campus leaders and partners to […]

Encore and Live Q&A: Cultural Humility: A Framework to Mitigate Personal Bias

We all have biases that show up in our interactions and perceptions of others. But these biases can be problematic when they are used unconsciously or consciously to judge, misinterpret, or limit our interactions with others. How often do you pause and reflect on your social interactions and ask yourself “What did I assume about […]

Time Management: A Disciplined Approach to Priority-Setting

Is your endless to-do list keeping you from accomplishing what’s most important? We all have responsibilities and tasks competing for our attention, but all too often, our two or three most important efforts are reduced to just another item on the list. Join us for this essential training to learn strategies and exercises that will […]

Honoring Names: A Simple Way to Promote Belonging

When you pronounce names incorrectly, you have an impact. People with non-Anglo or non-European names, which are perceived as being more difficult to pronounce, may feel anxious and excluded. When power dynamics are at play, students and perhaps even those you supervise, advise, or teach often avoid the conflict and resist making corrections or discussing […]

A Masterclass in Discovery Work

Discovery work is an essential part of the fundraising process because it’s your first access point to learning how to optimize a potential donor’s philanthropic interest. Refining your approach and strategy is a great way to continue gaining confidence in your ability to be conversational as a fundraiser. The ability to ask insightful questions that […]

Securing Transformational Gifts: A Conversation About Engaging Principal Gift Donors

Securing a principal gift can have an immense impact on the way an institution is able to meet its mission and serve students effectively. However, identifying and cultivating relationships with potential principal gift donors takes patience, intentionality, and compromise. In this useful question-and-answer virtual webcast, our expert instructor, Mitchell Spearman, will call upon his experiences […]

Developing an Advancement Intern Program

Providing a pathway for talent development can help ease the staffing constraints that advancement shops are currently facing. With a shortage of talent available due to competitive salaries and aggressive recruiting, one solution you can implement now is developing an undergraduate internship program for your shop. Your institution likely has many students interested in joining […]

Beyond Salary: An Uncommon Strategy to Recruit and Retain Advancement Professionals

Good development professionals are hard to find—and even harder to retain. This challenge becomes greater if you’re at a smaller institution with a tighter budget that is competing against larger institutions, as well as the non-profit sector, for top fundraising talent. To improve your results in recruiting and retaining the fundraising talent you want, and, […]