Engaging Faculty to Improve Corporate Relations

Last updated November 19, 2014

Course Length

1h 29m

Last Updated

November 19, 2014

Engaging Faculty to Improve Corporate Relations

Last updated November 19, 2014


Effectively engaging corporate partners can be challenging for academics. Differences in philosophy and work design lead to gaps in partner expectations. Understanding the mindset and goals of your corporate partners is key in creating more effective industry relationships for your institution.

Join us for an online training that demonstrates the 7 “industry approved” strategies to more effectively work with corporate research partners. Our expert instructor will provide practical tips for:

  • Unifying working processes
  • Adapting to corporate expectations
  • Developing partnership growth
  • Aligning future research paths

Who should attend?

This online training will highlight the most important tasks for academic representatives when engaging in private corporation research partnerships. Faculty developers, corporate relations officers, and academic leadership will walk away with a clear outline of the best practices in building a lasting relationship with a corporate partner.


  • Definition and demonstration of practical strategies
  • 10 key behaviors for improving corporate relations
    • Aligning expectations
    • Making yourself a valuable member of the company team
    • Being responsive on their terms
    • Preparing to over-deliver
    • Cultivating company “champions”
    • Adapting your communications style
    • Expanding the company/university relationship
    • Explaining the value proposition
    • Accessing available resources
    • Keeping an eye to the future