Fundraising for Law Schools

Last updated October 26, 2015

Course Length

1h 10m

Last Updated

October 26, 2015

Fundraising for Law Schools

Last updated October 26, 2015


Traditional fundraising tactics often underperform when approaching law school alumni. Gain tailored tools and techniques for engaging this unique alumni group and compelling them to give. Throughout this training you will learn how to:

  • Meaningfully engage law school alumni
  • Respond to challenges of debt and time constraints
  • Adapt your infrastructure for fundraising success
  • Create law school-specific alumni events

Who should attend?

Law school fundraisers and alumni relations professionals will learn how to better engage their alumni. Additionally, central advancement professionals reaching out to law school graduates will understand how to better approach these unique alumni.


  • The Psychology of Law School Alumni
    • Significance of general characteristics
    • Understanding your specific alumni
  • Alumni Relations for Law Schools
    • Engagement opportunities
    • Law school specific events
  • Responding to Alumni Challenges
    • Significant student loan debt
    • Time constraints
      • Getting the appointment
      • Cultivation cycle
    • Communication patterns/preferences
  • Strategies for Adapting Your Infrastructure
    • Drafting appealing gift agreements for lawyers
    • Managing leadership transition and staff turnover
    • Maximizing relationships with law faculty
    • Using the board of advisors